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Harmony Home include: modern design (BIM) efficient building technologies Passive house components Smart house features

SMART STANDARDISED PLANNING A sense of spaciousness without extra m 2 Each centimeter in HARMONY apartments is carefully planned for your comfort and well-being. Apartments are available with or without furniture – trust your inner designer or find inspiration in ready-made ideas.

EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL COMFORT HARMONY houses are characterized by eco-friendly materials, excellent soundproofing and air conditioning with a recuperation system. The breath-taking panoramic windows, beautiful balconies and efficient floor planning create emotional and physical comfort. HARMONY apartments boast fresh air, appropriate temperature and soundproofing so that you do not hear your neighbors. LOW EXPLOITATION COSTS HARMONY apartments have low exploitation costs, compact planning, thus ensuring great functionality. Houses and apartments are of optimum size so that you can save on your budget to lead efficient lives, while at the same time feeling the spaciousness of the apartment.

WELL ORGANISED ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE HARMONY houses are built in neighborhoods with highly developed infrastructure, easily accessible public transportation, shops and daily services. Each element promotes harmony – neat staircases, clean and safe neighborhood, playgrounds and benches.

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